Events in the last decade have caused the Arabic word ‘jihad’ (which literally means ‘a struggle’) to become part of standard English vocabulary. Although the Arabic and English word might sound the same, it in fact carries different meanings when used by mainstream Muslims than the meanings most people who speak English are accustomed to. The purpose of this website is to clarify the reality of ‘TheJWord’. Open your heart and mind and prepare to delve in...

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Nothing in Islam Justifies Al Qaeda – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

Sadly, there is a great deal of demonization of Islam by Islamophobes who are bent on framing Islam for the crime of 9/11, 7/7, Madrid bombing and other terrorist atrocities. The good news is that we have an expert, Sheikh Waleed Basyouni, to tell us Islam does not allow terrorism or the killing of innocent people.

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Why the JWord?

TheJWord is a website dedicated to explaining the reality of the concept of jihad in Islam. We believe this is a crucial undertaking, for many reasons.

  • A:
    Understanding the Correct Meaning

    The term ‘jihad’ is found in the religious texts of Islam, and is mentioned as being one of the most praiseworthy acts any true believer in God will participate in. Therefore, every Muslim believes in jihad as something positive. Yet, its connotations and implications in the minds of many non-Muslims are all evil. The term will not go away, therefore it is the duty of Muslims (a jihad in its own right!) to clarify what this term really means.

  • B:
    Misrepresentation Through Action

    There are groups that claim to act in the name of Islam and abuse the beautiful concept of jihad, murdering and terrorizing others in the name of this word. It is not surprising that many non-Muslims have negative views of this concept in particular, and the religion of Islam in general. Mainstream Muslims need to step up and reclaim this concept for what it really is: a struggle to perfect one’s nature and character, and a genuine attempt to strive for excellence in one’s person and community.

  • C:
    Taking the Right Course of Action

    Extremists groups of our times (such as al-Qaeda) attempt to manipulate the Qur'anic verses and classical legal rulings of military struggle type of jihad to substantiate their own perverted agenda and recruit innocent minds. The only way to counter such messages is to engage in academic refutations and show the falsity of their premises.

The People

An active body of dedicated Muslim individuals and organizations are engaged in bringing clarity to common misconceptions and stereotypes.

  • Organizations

    AlMaghrib Institute is the largest academic institute in the Western world dedicated to teaching classical Islamic sciences. With over thirty-five thousand students and counting, and over thirty locations, it is ideally situated to launch an initiative of this nature.

  • Instructors

    Additionally, many of the Instructors of AlMaghrib Institute are renowned for their grasp of the classical sciences of Islam and their excellence in teaching. They regularly appear on Islamic satellite channels around the world, have a significant internet presence, and have authored many works on Islam.